Partnerships with other institutions

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We always seek to validate the pedagogical value of each partnership : complementarity of contents and pedagogical approaches, similar views of the market, wishes to take a true part in students’ job search, etc… When wide goals and methods match, contracts can be considered and signed. We wish to build sustainable relations with institutions who offer true opportunities to our students, in line with their professional goal, and provide them with marketable skills. Our study coordinator manages institutional relationships, and supervises contracts between institutions and with partners and students. Each institution’s curriculum is assessed before the counselling of each student. Mastering English is a prerequisite in the professional world to which our school prepares students. We thus offer some courses in English, and optional classes of English as a foreign language, organized with partner institutions able to handle teaching and testing of English.

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The coordinator directs teachers and students, acts as intermediary between the school administration, teachers, students and partner institutions. Our school conducts a strict screening of candidates, taking the time to assess each student’s project and its relevance to our programs. We also make sure each student has a sufficient command of French to be able to make the most of his or her courses, offering French tutorship when necessary.

Each mobility project aims at skill acquisition, detailed in the study contract. Course contents, goals and ECTS credits validation options are detailed in a precise framework for each student.

The strict implementation of this framework allows every actor to be granted full recognition of actions. The international coordinator follows each student, manages grade sheets, and monitors study contracts. He is responsible for ensuring all actions have been effectively registered.

The globalization of business intelligence fosters our policy of international partnerships, with a view  to giving our students an understanding of who are the key players in the field, and how they are trained. We present an array of international exchange options, according to students’ professional goals. Business intelligence is connected to various economic fields, and our project is to multiply our involvement in European and international cooperation projects. We strive to make BI better known, and to enrich our curriculum across cultures. We always take the time to assess the value of an exchange project for all the parties. Once it is validated, we inform parties of the support and recognition each project can benefit from.