Course list

The fundamentals (tools and basic skills)

Methodology for business intelligence consultants (Christelle Urvoy)

Watch and search for non-formal information

  • Information gathering through direct contact
  • Investigation techniques and skills  Isabelle Ginet-Kauders
  • Interview and human source validation (Quentin Brunel)
  • Information gathering in a professional fair (Isabelle Ginet-Kauders)
  • Gathering of written information outside of Internet (Isabelle Ginet-Kauders)
  • Interview methodology for human source information (Fortuné Bellion)

Watch and search for formal information

  • Information sources and software for business intelligence (Véronique Mesguich)
  • Gathering and harnessing information on the web (Serge Courrier)
  • Expert level Qwam (Christian Langevin)
  • Expert level AMI Software (Michel Raimbault)

Information treatment

  • Data processing and analysis / strategic intelligence
  • Investigation techniques (Isabelle Ginet-Kauders)
  • Benchmarking and marketing.
  • Financial intelligence and information analysis

Communication and crisis management

  • Social networks and cyber communities (Serge Courrier)
  • Crisis communication drill
  • Crisis communication
  • Risk Intelligence (Bernard Besson)


  • European lobbying and method (Natacha Clarac)
  • European intelligence (Natacha Clarac)
  • Visit to Brussels : European Commission and Parliament
  • Working with the European Commission

Additional activities

  • Developing creativity (Frédéric Leclerc)
  • Mapping involved parties (Jonathan Benadibah)

Business safety

  • Business intelligence and cybercrime (Gendarmerie Nationale)
  • Securing premises and communcations tools (Serge Lopoukhine)
  • Encryption tools
  • Safety for businesses
  • Auditing businesses’ safety practices (Bernard Besson)


Internet and information law (Thibault du Manoir)